Research at SSA

Snehal Shah combines his architectural practice with teaching, research and other cultural activities that promote architectural knowledge and thinking. Since 1987, Shah has taught design and history at CEPT University, and has made space within the office premises to host lectures and exhibitions on a regular basis. He has published extensively on architectural history and theory and has been invited for juries and lectures by universities in India and abroad.

Selected Books


Selected Artciles

Shah Snehal,' Architecture in Conflict', The Hindu, India, 24 March 2002

Lectures at SSA

This is a list of lectures that have been held at the office. They are held to encourage a wider awareness in architecture and related fields and are attended by students as well as architects and others. The office is proud to host such activities which are open to all and in the spirit of enquiry.

Richard Blurton with Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum 2022 poster
Richard Blurton with Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, 2022
Raashid Sheikh 2020 poster
Raashid Sheikh, 2020
George Michell 2020 poster
George Michell, 2020
A. V. Joshi 2019 poster
A. V. Joshi, 2019
Kirit Mankodi 2018 poster
Kirit Mankodi, 2018
John Gollings 2017 poster
John Gollings, 2017
Shubhra Raje 2017 poster
Shubhra Raje, 2017
S. Ramadorai 2017 poster
S. Ramadorai, 2017
George Michell 2017 poster
George Michell, 2017
George Michell 2016 poster
George Michell, 2016
Adam Hardy 2015 poster
Adam Hardy, 2015
Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper 2015 poster
Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper, 2015
Paolo Tombesi 2015 poster
Paolo Tombesi, 2015
William Whitaker 2014 poster
William Whitaker, 2014
Bruce Wannell 2014 poster
Bruce Wannell, 2014
Sarosh Anklesaria 2014 poster
Sarosh Anklesaria, 2014
Jonathan Wilson 2014 poster
Jonathan Wilson, 2014
Riyaz Latif 2013 poster
Riyaz Latif, 2013
Sibel Bozdogan 2013 poster
Sibel Bozdogan, 2013
Peter Rich 2013 poster
Peter Rich, 2013
Christopher London 2013 poster
Christopher London, 2013
David Vaughan 2012 poster
David Vaughan, 2012
Doris Srinivasan 2012 poster
Doris Srinivasan, 2012
Adam Hardy 2012 poster
Adam Hardy, 2012
Barry Bergdoll 2012 poster
Barry Bergdoll, 2012
Attilio Petuccioli 2011 poster
Attilio Petuccioli, 2011
Haig Beck 2011 poster
Haig Beck, 2011
Shubhra Raje 2011 poster
Shubhra Raje, 2011
Helen Thomas 2011 poster
Helen Thomas, 2011
George Michell 2011 poster
George Michell, 2011
Sebastiano Brandolini 2011 poster
Sebastiano Brandolini, 2011
Patrick Aeby 2010 poster
Patrick Aeby, 2010
Li Shiqiao 2010 poster
Li Shiqiao, 2010
Richard Blurton 2010 poster
Richard Blurton, 2010
David L. Hutchinson 2010 poster
David L. Hutchinson, 2010
Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper 2009 poster
Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper, 2009
George Michell 2008 poster
George Michell, 2008
George Michell 2008 poster
George Michell, 2008
Steffen Lehmann 2007 poster
Steffen Lehmann, 2007
S. Raghupathy 2007 poster
S. Raghupathy, 2007
George Michell 2006 poster
George Michell, 2006
Dr. Devangana Desai 2006 poster
Dr. Devangana Desai, 2006
Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper 2006 poster
Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper, 2006
John Fritz 2006 poster
John Fritz, 2006
George Anselevisius 2003 poster
George Anselevisius, 2003
George Michell 2003 poster
George Michell, 2003
Dr. Alka Patel 2003 poster
Dr. Alka Patel, 2003
B.V. Doshi, Anant Raje, K. B. Jain 2002 poster
B.V. Doshi, Anant Raje, K. B. Jain, 2002
Terukazu Nii & Vasanti Menon 2002 poster
Terukazu Nii & Vasanti Menon, 2002
Peter Davidson 2002 poster
Peter Davidson, 2002
Morna Livingston 2002 poster
Morna Livingston, 2002
George Michell 2001 poster
George Michell, 2001
Prof. M. A. Dhaky 2001 poster
Prof. M. A. Dhaky, 2001
Anant Raje 2001 poster
Anant Raje, 2001
Dr. P.P. Patel 2001 poster
Dr. P.P. Patel, 2001
Rupal and Rajendra Desai 2001 poster
Rupal and Rajendra Desai, 2001
Mahendra Raj 2001 poster
Mahendra Raj, 2001
Irenee Scalbert 2000 poster
Irenee Scalbert, 2000
Mario Botta 2000 poster
Mario Botta, 2000
B V Doshi 2000 poster
B V Doshi, 2000
Catherine Asher 2000 poster
Catherine Asher, 2000
James Grose 2000 poster
James Grose, 2000


Akshara is a venture that was first conceptualized in 1980 by a few students at CEPT University, School of Architecture, with the aim to pursue cultural objectives. Once the students graduated, the organization dissolved. In 1998, Shah decided to revive it and adopted the same name to retain the spirit of what they had begun as students, in order to promote architectural and cultural education. Akshara hosts lectures and exhibitions (they are open to all) and publishes books and catalogues.

Akshara illustration

Akshara Grant

Akshara announces two annual grants of 30,000.00 INR each for the study of Indian Temple Architecture of Ancient and Medieval times. The grant has been established to encourage and promote students and young architects to undertake research / documentation of Indian temple architecture with the aim of furthering an understanding of the context from within which the architecture emerged. This grant is open to all Indian students of architecture and architects under the age of 30 years. For enquires regarding the grant and applications please send us an email at and

Akshara Awardees from 2010 - 2016


  • Mr. Udaykumar
    Study of the temple at Avudaykovil in Tamilnadu.
  • Mr. Darshan Linewala
    Study of the temple gateways at Dabhoi in Gujarat.
  • Mr. Kumund Kohul
    Study of the temple at Tambdi Surla in Goa


  • Mr. Amol Deshmukh
    Shree Goreram Temple, Nashik.
  • Ms. Shilpa Apte
    Study of Art and Architecture of Amriteshwar Temple at Ratanwadi.


  • Ms. Swapna Joshi
    Art and Architecture of Group of Temples at Velapur.
  • Ms. Vanica Arora
    Documentation and Critical Analysis of the Historical Temples in Dholabaha, Hoshiarpur


  • Ms. Meenakshi Dubey
    Study of Ancient and Medieval Temple Architecture.
  • Mr. Anubhav Mishra
    Study of Temple Architecture in Lonar.


  • Mr. Nachiket Chachani
    Patrons and Masons in a Polyglot Frontier: Temple the Central Himalayas, 700-1200 C.E.
  • Mr. Gaurav Sinha
    Study of Maladevi Temple, Gyaraspur.