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Balkrishna Doshi Ahmedabad, 2003

Architectural Models

Balkrishna Doshi, one of the pioneer architects of independent India started his practice from Paris 1954. He worked with Le Corbusier as senior designer at his Paris studio (1951-54) and returned as the local architect to oversee three of his projects at Ahmadabad and he subsequently established his practice in 1955. Apart from one of the most prolific studios which he has been running since last fifty years, his contribution to architectural education in this country is unparalleled. His many faceted personality and interests; such as architecture, planning, urban design, education, visual art, technology, low cost housing, with holistic perceptions has earned him international reputation.

It was many years ago that I saw Doshi very impatient in his studio, going every hour to his model studio; to see how it all looks and works together. The exhibition showcased thirty one excellent models made in Doshi’s studio over last fifty years in several materials. Some of which were specially commissioned for the exhibition only. These were exhibited and re-designed in our ongoing actual studio.The total three floors, each with two rooms, one bigger and the other smaller. These were divided into several aspects; architectural models for study, models finished for the presentation to client or understanding of the project, and models purely as objects of art.

The exhibition was accompanied by the publication of a catalogue with a selection of sixteen projects mentioned with explanation of the concept of the project and its importance in his career as well as the various models made for the project.

- Snehal Shah